The idea of Project Artisan came to life after 10 years of living on the island and missing a community-oriented place that represented the diversity of modern Thailand as well as the local expat community.

After a visit to Bali, we weren’t sure why the small, inspiring cafe culture was still very minimal in the Laguna area of the island.

We believe that Thailand has all of the necessary elements for spots like this — wonderful culture, history, food and climate.

As a family, we were looking for a place in Phuket to spend time together or separately, but always engaging in creative activities.

So we created this space to embrace the culture of the country we choose to call home while being dedicated to promoting local art and crafts and creating a place for community with interesting workshops, healthy food and inspiring design.

“To be inspired is great…To inspire is incredible!”


Artisan Spots

Garden Eatery

Offering breakfast super bowls, homemade granolas, and an amazing variety of salads and charcoal BBQ dishes while serving up local draft and international craft beers, ciders, and wines.

Our Restaurant

Art & Play Activities

Project Artisan workshops and creative classes are intimate and designed to take you out of your element or expand your current skills in a fun and relaxing environment.

Our Workshops

Grab & Go

The Grab & Go Deli at Project Artisan offers quick and healthy salads, pastries, drinks and other goodies, freshly made with local ingredients for the person on the go!

Our Products

Saparod Spa

At Project Artisan, you can enjoy the quintessential Thai foot massage, as well as manicures and pedicures, in the supreme comfort of the relaxing Saparod Spa.

Spa Packages